Group Connection: The Name Game

Earlier this week, Beaufort County First Steps and Beaufort Jasper Comprehensive Health Services hosted “The Name Game” for participating Parents As Teachers families.

A child’s name is often the first word they learn. Names are very personal, so children usually learn to write their name before other words. The work with literacy starts here and expands through activities like these name games (May, Bingham, Barrett-Mynes, 2010).

According to Levin and Ehri (2009), there is a strong correlation between a child’s ability to spell/read names and knowledge about alphabet letters. Check out the Name Games below to help explore and promote these literacy skills in young children!

There were two winners in the group that were awarded $25 WalMart Gift Cards for having the longest name and making the most words out of the letters in their name.

Our next Group Connection is on June 16th.