Group Connection: The Pathway to Co-Parenting

This week, Beaufort Jasper Health Comprehensive led us in a parent group meeting called “The Pathway to Co-Parenting”.  There are two kinds of co-parents: the “fantastic co-parent” and the “craptastic co-parent”. The fantastic co-parent compromises, includes the other parent in decisions and schedules, and ultimately respects the other parent. The craptastic co-parent does things like remove visitation and doesn’t include the other parent in activities. All parents should strive to be the fantastic co-parent. A few tips for co-parenting include the following:

  • Avoid confrontation. Always be calm in front of the children and establish a business-like approach to parenting.
  • Be consistent and present a united front in front of the kids.
  • Be flexible. Go with the flow and compromise to keep the peace.

We also went over some DO’s and DON’Ts.


  • Avoid conflict
  • Be direct and honest
  • Make requests, not demands


  • Bring up old wounds
  • Bring up personal problems
  • Focus on hot topic buttons

Finally, we watched a YouTube video from Joel Leon’s TED talk called “The beautiful, hard work of co-parenting.” View the video online at Leon focused on the importance of creating balance for everyone involved and realizing that sacrifice doesn’t rest on one parent alone.

Our next Group Connection is July 21st – “Yoga for Families”.