WIC Partners with First Steps to Provide Services. WIC Van Visit on September 22nd – Join Us!

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Beaufort County First Steps recently received a grant (in conjunction with Dorchester First Steps) that will allow us to partner with WIC in Beaufort County from July 2021 through April 2023. The goal is to promote and increase WIC enrollment in Beaufort County. The WIC van will be attending our September 22nd Parent Group Connection. They will provide goody bags, information, and enrollment opportunities. In addition, we will be putting together our own goody bags that include WIC info, a growth chart, $20 gift card, notepad/pen, Eating Healthy coloring book/stickers/storybook, tissue, and crayons.  We will distribute these goody bags at community events, including Health Fairs and Back-to-School Expos.

Our PASOs Community Health Workers and PAT Parent Educator will take goody bags and encourage WIC enrollment for families they visit.  In addition, we will be collaborating with Born to Read, who visits new mothers at the hospital to deliver goody bags and information. We’re looking forward to a successful campaign with all our partners!