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Training Title & DateID & Session DescriptionPresenter
Party in My Tummy (1.0 Nutrition)
October 26, 2021
6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
ID: CE-NU- 126512: Nutrition
Join us as we explore nutrition for young children and several activities that could be used in the classroom.
Tammy Compton
It’s a Happy Day for Physical Activity (1.0 Curriculum)
October 28, 2021
6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
ID: CE-CU-126317: Curriculum
Join us as we explore the importance of physical activity for young children and strategies to help them become more physically active.
Tammy Compton
Approaches to Play and Learning
(2.0 Professional Development)
October 30, 2021
8:30-10:30 AM
ID: CE-PD-134368

Participants will gain insight in understanding relationships, developmental milestones and responding to linguistic and cultural uniqueness of children and families.
Lydia Carnesale
Beyond Twinkle Twinkle
(2.0 Child Guidance)
November 13, 2021
9 AM – 11 AM
How can we best support children’s development through song and melody? Join us as we explore music and how it relates to children’s brain development and developmental milestones.
Tammy Compton
Transforming a Staff into a Super Workforce (2.0 Program Administration)
November 18, 2021
12 PM – 2 PM
ID: CE-PA-120950

Participants will work to develop strategies to empower staff and to transform them from a regular workforce to a super workforce that is prepared and equipped to provide quality care.
Tomeiko Wright
Creating an Environment for Success: Using the Pyramid Model for Social
Emotional Competence for Infant & Toddlers
(2.0 Growth & Development)
November 20, 2021
9 AM – 11 AM
ID: CE-GD-120395

Participants will come away with strategies for building the foundation of social emotional competency in young children and preparing a child care environment to support social emotional development.
Carol Osborn
Play With Me…Please! (2.0 Curriculum)
November 20, 2021
11:15 AM – 1:15 PM

ID: CE-CU-120941
During this training participants will discuss the importance of play in young children’s lives. The presenter will introduce the topic of Schemas in children’s play and how they relate to learning in all the
developmental domains. Participants will engage in small group interactions and play, as they explore the meaning and importance of observing and supporting play in early learning programs.
Carol Osborn
Supporting Language and Literacy Everyday (2.0 Curriculum)
December 11, 2021
9 AM – 11 AM
ID: CE-CU-120506

Participants will demonstrate strategies to support language and literacy in the classroom.
Tomeiko Wright
Where Conversations Lead (2.0 Curriculum)
December 11, 2021
11:15 AM – 1:15 PM
ID: CE-CU-120580

Participants will create strategies that will enhance language development through rich conversations.
Tomeiko Wright